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      賽德克族與閩南混血。希亞茲‧摩⻄,使用台灣原住⺠當中泛泰雅族群傳統當中的父子聯名,義為摩⻄的兒子: 希亞茲,而原閩則具有原住⺠與閩南人雙族裔結合的直接意義。











Mixed ethnicity of Seediq and Minnan. Siyat Moses, meaning ‘ son of Moses: Siyat ’, is the name past down from father to son, a tradition of the Pan-Atayal group of the Taiwanese Indigenous peoples; while Yuan Min stands for the ethnical combination of ‘Yuan’ (Indigenous) and‘Min’ (Minyan) in the literal sense.


Once, by accident, I found a piece of writing on the internet my father has wrote for me. In it, he expressed his expectations concerning my being a half-Indigenous descent, which later became an incentive for my creative development. My artistic practice concerns my contemporary Indigenous identity, with regard to ethnicity, gender and image perception, and how I come to terms with it under the acceleration of modernisation and globalisation. My works often adopt the two-dimensional and indirect qualities of printmaking as well as other mediums that allow for the necessary dialogue.


Some arguments that repeatedly occur in my works are:

‘Who am I?’

‘Where do I come from?’

‘Where do I go?’

‘I am here, and does that mean I am my present self?’


Through autobiographical recalls of emotions, I aim to evoke and connect with the audience’s shared life experience.

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